Struggling to find a Blog Topic! Here a Few Ideas to Help You Get Started!

Blog TopicsDo you ever get stuck on what your blog topic will be for the day? I do… and sometimes I sit here and stare at the computer thinking that an idea is going to jump off the screen.. So today I am going to write a list of ideas you can use for blog topics, they will vary from complicated to very simple….

Some Blog Topics that will be a Hit!

  1.  All about me. You can blog for hours on you, your family, your life experiences, your hobbies, passions etc…
  2. Politics. Pick your favorite topic in politics and blog all about it, it can be controversial or come election time ever one likes to hear all about the platforms.
  3.  Instructional blog either written or a video.
  4. A summary. Of a book, article etc
  5. Current News topics.
  6. Tools & products reviews. Everyone loves to hear about others reviews, its a great way to help them decide if they would like to purchase the same product.
  7. Hold a contest. 
  8. Share a career highlight. Share your most current highlight at your full time job, and share it.. put the pro and cons of the highlight.
  9. Resource list.  put together a list of free tools, organizations, places to advertise and websites.
  10. Ask a Question. You can learn more about your prospects needs and wants. This is a great way to gain insights!
  11. Best of the Web. If your like me you like to read others blogs, you can create a blog and link it to your resource blog. This is a time saver for your readers because it saves them time from searching for the best blog  out there, because you already linked it in your blog.

Blog Topics Help

Well I do hope that this helped you with being stuck on a blog topic for today. If you have any suggestion or ideas that you would like me to add in please feel free to comment on the post and I will add it in.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to ready some of my other blogs and post that I have written. –> Click Here<–

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