Tips for New Bloggers Using WordPress

Are you new to the world of blogging? do you have limited skills in what I call prettying up your blog, adding in links, adding pictures and editing them etc… all the stuff I had no clue what they were just a few short months ago.


I started blogging in late August 2012 with Empower Network, which provided me a viral blogging platform that was already set up, I just had to add my personal touches with my picture and information about the author. Other than knowing how to type and copy and paste. When I looked at others blogs I was really embarrassed about how my blog looked, I had no idea what half this stuff was called or how to even starch it on the internet…it was all very new to me! So I was thinking of sharing the few tips and tricks I have learned about using your blog to the full potential . so I will write about the simple  things I have learned, keeping it very simple and leaving technical terms out of the blog (if you already know some of them please skip to the next one)

Blog with WordPress Basics

Here is a quick picture of what a new post should look like…not that complicated but lots of information in one spot.  Take a  breath and have a good look at it.


Once you pick a blog topic and start writing your blog it become just like writing a home work assignment like you did in high school, keep writing and worry about all the other formatting stuff after you are done. Then go back and pick headings that you feel are important and high lite them as your headings.

blog headdingsIn your SEO score headings are listed as H1 tag, H2 tag and H3. Make sure you include your SEO Keyword in each heading.(I will explain that in full below)

In the drop down menu you can choose you heading and it s pre formatted (so you have to do nothing other than select which heading you want)

SEO Keyword  in you Blog

seo scores for blogging

Even though it seems that this is complicated it really is not once you understand it.

You will only see this box appear when you have typed in a SEO Keyword (pick a word that the post is based around  in which you use through out the blog, your key words must also be bolded, italized and underlined) and saved yourblog! As you get practice blogging your score will get higher each time. But for now don’t stress out if it is low!!

This is much like a check list for you to make sure that your blog is being written effectively and will be recognized in search engines, such as Google and Yahoo… try you best to make sure you can get almost all the x’s changed to check marks.


Remember blogging is supposed to be fun for you, its your time wot write abut what ever interests you… don’t make this painful or stressful enjoy it..

 Inserting pictures in to your blog!

copy and paste in to your blog

1. how to copy, paste or save a picture into your blog? You can use and search engine such as Google, or Yahoo to find pictures that are relevant to your blog.

2. When you have chosen your pictures you can either copy and paste them into your blogor you can save it to your computer. Either was is effective your choice!blogging

3. If you choose to save it to your computer this is what you need to do to insert it into yourblog. 4. Click Add Media at the top of your blog this will upload the picture from your computer so you can insert it into the blogadd media into your blog inserting images to your blog


5. Then you click the picture you want to insert (make sure it has a blue check mark in it and then click  insert. These are the steps to add in pictures from your computer. I hope they are straight forward and simple

Editing Pictures in Your Blog!

edit-image in your blog

This is where you choose the location of your picture. Top,Center,Right or Left. Also where you can link it back to your blog and name it with your title and alt text. For more information  on editing your pictures Click here!

 Adding Links to Your Blog

add links to words your blog1. Now to get those links that you can add to words in your blogs, its so simple and your going to laugh at how easy it really is… which ever words you would like to link to a page like in the picture above.

hyper linking your blog

2.Click on the add media that you see circled in red at the top of the page. 3. Once you have clicked that you will see a pop up box and on the left side of the pop up box you should see INSERT FROM URL click on it and then add in the words and the link you would like.

4.Click insert!and tada you will have a link inserted into your blog!

I hope this information has been help full to you and that your blogging experience will  be exciting, hope you learn and grow as I did. “Rome was not build in a day” and gaining experience in blogging takes time and effort (and some playing around) it should be fun at all times.

If you anyone else is interested in  blogging with WordPress click here to start today.Empower Network will provide you with a blogging platform that is already set up and  ready for your blogs to start rolling out. Please feel free to join my team!




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