WakeUpNow A Scam? Pyramid? Legitimate?

WakeUpNow A Scam? Pyramid? Legitimate?

Are you one of the people that have been asking if Wake Up Now is a Scam??? or its one of those Pyramid scams? can i really use it to make, manage or save money?

Well take a look a this link and tell me that I does not answer all your questions.

Yes we are legit, no we are not a pyramid thingy and yes you can make money using the products and serviece they have out there for you.

So take a look and hopefully this squashed any negative ideas you have about them.

If you still have questions get in contact with me at amandalpinkerton@gmail.com or on Facebook

10 thoughts on “WakeUpNow A Scam? Pyramid? Legitimate?

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  2. […] WakeUpNow A Scam? Pyramid? Legitimate? (amandalpinkerton.wordpress.com) […]

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  4. […] WakeUpNow A Scam? Pyramid? Legitimate? (amandalpinkerton.wordpress.com) […]

  5. Mel says:

    It is a complete scam. I lost a lot of money because of it, and after cancelling, I’m still being debited, it’s been three months. I plan on suing, as well as posting my horror story as a d3 wun associate and what the real income becomes after a few months. (i will give you a hint, unless you’re personally screwing over at least 60 family members/friends/colleauges and ensure they do the same, you’re not looking st a fat paycheck anymore.) DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM, SAVE YOURSELF AND JUMO SHIP QUICK! Why, when you look up ANY other MLM +scam online, is there comprehensive details from people NOT involved in the mlm, but with wake up now, every result is from a positive team member? Wise up and stay AWAY!

    • Well Mel, I am sorry that you were not very sucessful in your business with Wake Up Now, however that does not mean that everyone will be as unsucessful as you were.

      Fortunately for my team and myself, we all work very closely with each other and help one another grow our business, as a team! Not sure if you had as much support from your team as we have with #GMT or #TDE teams, which is really unfortunate for you!

      As stated before just because your business was not sucessful does not mean that each and every person who deicdes to join Wake Up Now will not be sucessful, and use the prodcuts/services offered to us by the company to benifit their lives, their family or friends. Everyone has the capability to be sucessful, if they so choose to…..

      Good luck in your future adventures, and please stop trying to smear such a wonderful company, that is changing the lives of many.

    • Jay says:

      lost a lot of money? if you were a d3 then you had no money to pay for WUN, so either you never hit d3 or you making up stories. The other thing is what significance is the #60? It has none in WUN. You are making up this entire story OR you joined and thought it would all be done for you. WUN is not a scam, nor is it the lottery ticket you thought it would be.

  6. Wake Up Now has been a real deal in my life. The growth not only personally but in my team has been amazing! Hit D3 in a could days – went F3 (600+ a month) in 43 days … Saved over a thousand – write things off as my own business … Helped others do the same – and STILL growing. It’s things you do every day anyways – Like SHOP – Only logical. Wake Up Now is changing lives through finances – so hands down best business decision I have made for not only the savings … but the income opportunity as well 🙂

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