What to do on Rainy Days

Well unlike most.. I feel no ways about sending my children outside to play in the rain.. infact during the summer they stip off to their bathing suits and do what we call “Dancing in The Rain”.. one of my childhood memories…lol hopefully my neighbours don’t mind at all…

Of course the kids hate being inside on rainy days, drives them nuts to be stuck indoors, does it not both you? What are some of your fav things to do when it rains? Bake, Arts and crafts.. family dances, video games, card games, family videos, movies, indoor play parks…

Well I am not sure what you like to do, but remember even though the kids are going nuts, which you may be with them they are used to being on the go all day long, bouncing from one thing to another. So either you find something for them to do.. that they are allowed to do, or they enjoy or they are going to drive you nuts.

Well hopefully some of you comment on your rainy day activities, so that maybe your idea i can use on the very next rainy day.



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