Partylite Kit up for grabs

1978904_10100850291696629_1522296418_n (1)Specials getting ready for July

  • I will give you 1 half priced items,
  • $50 in your choice in products,                                      
  •  10 dozen tea lights for $10,

if you hold a booking party or Facebook party during the month of July!

PartyLitePreferred customersAs well if your a preferred customer I will also include Marrakech Hanging Votive Holder and one 6-pack of Votive Candles in your choice of fragrance.

I will give you catalogs, along with candles for you to share with your family and friends! All you need to do is message me that you are interested in earning all the products, freebies, and free items, and I will get you everything you need 

Please email me at to get your kit today


Canadian Companies that have partnered with WakeUpNow

www.alpinkerton/wakeupnow.comMany of you have  been asking what stores WakeUpNow have partnered with (aka cash back stores) in Canada

I have put together a list of all the current partners that are currently with in Canada, and are specfic to Canadian’s.

This list may change as we get more companies to partner with us, but this is the current list I have put together as of this morning.

I will try and keep it upto day as new companies join us 🙂

Please feel free if your not already involved with WakeUpNow to take a longer look into this company, and I would invite you to click here for more information, we look forward to everyone joining our fast growing team, that has boosted in Canada, with only a few hundred reps here in Canada.


So take the opportunity to look more into it and learn how you can SAVE, MANAGE AND MAKE MONEY.

Canadian Companies that have partnered with WakeUpNow

  • US & Canada
  • Canada
  • Apple Canada
  • Banana Republic Canada
  • Bloomingdales Canada
  • Bog Footwear Canada
  • CafePress Canada
  • CanadaVet
  • Carcostcanada Affillate plan
  • Dell Canada
  • Duken Diet US & Canada
  • Dyson Canada Limited
  • Electronic Arts Canada
  • Florsheim Canada
  • Forever 21 Canada
  • Gap Canada
  • H & R Canada
  • Intuit TurboTax Canada
  • ITunes Canada
  • Jos. A Bank Canada
  • Kanetix Canada
  • Kobo Canada
  • L’Occtane Canada
  • Lancome Canada
  • Lenovo Canada
  • Macys Canada
  • McAfee Canada
  • Microsoft Canada
  • Newegg Canada
  • Nunn Bush Canada
  • Old Navy Canada
  • QuickBooks Canada
  • Roots Canada
  • Saka Fifth Avenue Canada
  • Sears Canada
  • SelectBlind Canada
  • SelectRugs Canada
  • Sierra Trading Post Canada
  • Sony Canada
  • Stacey Adams Canada
  • Starbucks CanadaThe Body Shop Canada
  • Toms Canada
  • Canada
  • TurboTax Canada
  • Vista print Canada

You can get started for free today by signing up as a preferred customer with WakeUpNow by clicking here and filling out the form..

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Wake Up Now Testimonial (Canada)

Many of you have asked if its really possible to make money with WakeUpNow… So as you can see the last few post have been of Videos, of my team mates, who actually are earning an income with WakeUpNow, so please feel free to ask me any more questions you may have on this amazing opprtunity. Or feel free to check out another page that may offer you some more answers to your questions that you have not already asked. (click here)

If you have no further questions about this opportunity! I have one for you!!

WHY have you NOT joined already?

You can see that its not only a company that focuses on making other money.. but also saveing you ontop of adding income to your bank account.

Each day you waste is a day lost in income, so I urge you to take the step and put faith into the system that is making a difference in peoples lives TODAY!!

Please feel free to get in contact with me ASAP if you have any further questions about this opportunity, email me at

Again here is the Link to Join Up or for more information on WakeUpNow

Wake Up Stay at Home Moms- Wake Up Now Canada has something to offer you!!

Hey Ladies… Mommies do you stay at home with your children like I do? It can be very rewarding and challenging all at once.. sometimes you feel like you its all or nothing right? That no matter what… its on your shoulders…

Let me tell you a bit about myself.. I am a SAHM by choice 😉 to 3 wonderful boys, who consume my whole world day in and day out. They are my world, my pride and joy.. it comes with tears, sadness, madness, fun and all the other.. I am not going to tell you its all peachy… we all know how our days go.. I do not get dressed up to clean the house, I dont always do my hair, nor my make up… but yes there are days when I do.. more so just to make me feel better…

Over the last few years I started finding ways to help out financially around the house.. started my own online business.. to make, manage and SAVE MONEY

I have access to an EXCLUSIVE vacation club. I work from home as a stay at home mom because of WAKE UP NOW and I make MORE MONEY as a BUSINESS OWNER than as an EMPLOYEE!

You can join for FREE today as a preferred

I decide I need to make some serious money and I need to get on the ball! And that’s when I found Wake Up Now. This video is for anyone interested, slightly interested, remotely interested in what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. Wake Up Now has provided me the opportunity to save money, manage money and make money at the same time! If you would like to learn more about the business and how I make money… stay tuned for my follow up video!

I have been learning the ins and outs of working from the comforts of my own home, you can too.. do you like to shop on line, use coupons, free items.. etc.. well Wake Up Now offers that PLUS much more.

I look forward to connecting with you to tell you more!
Email me at
or connect with me on Facebook

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Stay at home Moms Wake Up Now

stay at home momsSo you want to stay at home… be a stay at home mom? What does that mean to you?

to stay at home with your children?

BUT…. you want to know how are you going to be able to help support your family?

Well like me I decided over 2 years ago that my focus was going to change… instead of focusing all my time and energy onto other peoples children.. I decided that it was time for me to focus on my 3 children.. Because I felt like I was missing out on the best years of their lives, although we had great day cares for the older boys.. It just wasn’t enought for me… I decided after my last son, that it was time for a family change!

So I did not……..

stay at home mother

return to work full time after my maturnity leave over 2 years ago (ps.. don’t get me wrong I still work part time with my company) but my main focus is staying at home…

Over the past 2 years I have dabbled in parents groups… city run toddler groups, recreational sports… ah you get the

But I also checked out some work from home jobs.. I opened a few doors and saw a hole new life beond what I had thought it was… I was very interesting… things can get lonely when its just you and the kiddo’s.

Blogging and meeting new people online for business or pleasure has turned out to be a great outlet. I have some amazing relationships with other that I have never met.. thinking back 5 years ago.. I would have never thought about meeting other moms, dads etc online and talking with them. But with this day in age.. times are sure changing… its been a great adventure and surley a rewarding one for me..
Not only do i get to spend time at home with the kids, as i say hanging with the Kiddo’s but its been a hug difference in my

40 hour work week

eyes. I feel like i am more actively involved and have learned just how quarky my children can be.. something I did not know that they had in them.. and yes I do see myself in them at times.. (shaking my head)

Oh dont get me wrong its not all peachy.. there are times when I feel like pulling out my hair.. you know when it rains it and there is always a calm before the storm..and yes I get questions about WHAT I DO ALL DAY….. some truely beleive that you do nothing all day.. well let me tell you…

if your used to working a 40 hour week that is nothing compaired to the amount of time I work… its 24 hours a day 365 days a year… I a cook, housekeeper, tear catcher, hug specialist…. bed maker…diaper changer.. toilet trainer.. docter… and so on.. so my job never ends… but at the end of the day I LOVE being at home with my 3 boys.. who are my world.. my why.. my life.. and when times get tough and they DO… are my STRENGTH

should i quite my day job to be a stay at home momSo if your thinking about giving up your day job to stay at home with the kids figure out if you really can afford it, and its something you really want!

… How can you supliment the income if you need it and how much time a day do you have to work a part time job..

can you work from home.. do you have a computer, internet… etc.. those are all things you need to think about..

One more important thing…. make sure that you do not give up your social life…. completely.. yes there will be no small talk on break.. or standing around the photocopy machine. Having YOU  time is very important…

And if your answer is still YES then do it.. whats the worst that can happen…you will love it or hate it!! Simple

Please feel free to share your stories below..

Thinking about being a Stay at Home Mom?


WakeUpNow offers software solutions for a better life (FOR EVERYONE)! The products & services offered are innovative, user friendly, and much like you on the go! Eliminate your consumer debt without having to change your lifestyle.

Some of the products offered

Unlimited ACCESS to Cash Back Mall with 2,500+ Stores
Tax Bot – Sign Up as an IBO and get access to 400+ deductions
Vacation Club – Travel for PENNIES on the Dollar
Freebies – Order up to $100 worth of freebies each and every day!
Finance- Finance Software designed to eliminate your consumer debt in half the time!
Groceries- Save by using the manufacturer coupons – no matter where you shop!
Premiums- Save on dining, entertainment & almost everything you spend money your hard earned money on!
& Much Much More!

Wake Up Now In Canada

So Canadian have been invited to get in on the action of wake up now. What is that you ask watch the video and tell me that it does not interest you…. contact me asap at

You can also check out this opportunity by clicking here