WakeUpNow Canada Testimonials

If your sitting on the fence still about joining WakeUpNow please take a look at this video, again another testimonial for those who think that its not worth their time. Take a look at the video, my teammate, and watch to see what hes saying

Or this one on how she made $600 in residual income in less than 45 days..

Rest asure that these people are real and not actors, because I know them personally, chat with them every day.

WakeUpNow CanadaHere is a bit more about WakeUpNow in Canada as an Independant Business Owner

Wake Up Now Canada (WUN) Notes via Jordan Harris (VP product development)

In our Marketplace

  • Over 3,000 stores available through the online HUB
  • More stores available to Canadian customers than any other country (this is as a result of Canadian specific stores only available to Canada and that most US stores ship to Canada)
  • Earn cash back on ALL online purchases made through the HUB
  • Tracking number provided immediately for cash back tracking purposes
  • Cash back even applies to Sale items

Vacation Club

  • Rental cars save 10-15% OFF rentals
  • Hotel savings worldwide up to 20% OFF
  • Vacation Club concierge available 24 hours a day to work for you (finding hotels, condos, cruises, rentals, etc)
  • Gives you access to “agent only” pricing
  • Every Thursday the site is updated with new “Hot Weeks” specials
  • Saving upwards of 90% OFF


  • iPhone and Android Applications available
  • Settings enable you to switch to Canadian applicable deductions
  • Settings enable you to change currency, mileage/kilometers
  • Mileage can be tracked through cell phone GPS
  • Receipts and be photographed and uploaded immediately to Taxbot softwarewww.alpinkerton.wakeupnow.com


  • Create budgets in only a few steps
  • Track savings by the minute – via HUB purchases, coupons, deductions, etc.
  • Create budgets based on expenses coming in
  • Debt priority program – enabling you to prioritize and get out of debt faster


Protection Package

  • Included in Platinum package, “cyberhood watch” protecting you from viruses, etc.

Printable-Coupons with WakeUpNow CanadaCoupons

  • Grocery coupons (over 26 pages worth at glance today)
  • Premium coupons – Restaurants, attractions, etc.
  • All coupons are then tracked through your savings/finance program

Language Software

  • Learn a new language with online software (videos available in back office with more detailed information)

Things NOT available in Canada

  1. Cell phone savings
  2. Magazine subscriptions
  3. Identity theft (computer programs)
  4. 50% of the FREE section will not ship to Canada (rough estimate)
  5. Fundraising

This does not mean forever! With the new 3.0, we anticipate more growth in Canada!

Timing is everything!

My question to you is Do you not want to start saving, managing and making money? If you anwered YES to any of them you need to get connected to me quickly.. as stated above Timing is everything!!! Click here to take a peek at what WakeUpNow can offer you

Since the launch of the NEW HUB 3.0 our Canadian team has grown by leaps and bounds, so don’t let others getting in your way to joining our sucess….**To sign up Click Here**

If you still have questions please email me at amandalpinkerton@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Preferred Customer with Wake Up Now

You can join for free today

Become a Preferred Customer with Wake Up Now TODAY…. for FREE

www.alpinkerton/wakeupnow.comWake up now has made it very simple for anyone to take advantage of the amazing benifits of shoping online.

Imagin shopping this holiday with no long lines, items out of stock, running from store to store, and No Stress!!!!

and when you buy all your gifts for your Preferred customer wake up no shopping Hubs, possible free shipping, and exclusive DEALS.


Treat your family to dinner out, fun recreational activities, events for 50% or more off— YUP SAVINGS

Preferred Customer with Wake Up NowEnjoy shopping as a preferred customer with Wake Up Now that is now available for you.

One stop shopping for your convience.



http//vimeo.com/73327219.com/ (copy paste in URL) lol

Please feel free to email me any questions you have amandalpinkerton@gmail.com


Wake up Now conference with the new and Improved hub 3.0


Coming October 1st, 2013, you need to see the changes Wake Up Now is making. These will benifit everyone.

If interested in joining please check out http://www.thedigitalentrepreneurs.com/team/reps/alpinkerton

Or feel free to email me at amandalpinkerton@gmail.com

The new Wake Up Now


Here is what was just launched for Wake Up Now, they have added products and services to everyone. From Coffee being launched by the end of this year, and a new energy drink. Oh… I forgot they also have added a line of heath and beauty products. Now with all that being said remember its also designed to help you save, manage and make money.

Along with all the financial managment software, cashbacks, commissions, this is not something you would like to miss.

Feel like joining us please check out www.alpinkerton/wakeupnow.com it will direct you to a short video and sign up page,