Where in the World is WakeUpNow???

Wake Up Now is being offered in many countries….You want to know which ones??? Keep reading..

Wake Up Now is available in the following countries
– United States
– Canada
– Spain
– Brazil
– Columbia
– Chile
– Mexico
– Peru

Wake up Now internationalAlso if you don’t see a country listed please keep in mind that we are expanding daily… so if you get someone who resides outside of the countries listed.. 1st keep their information, and let them know when we launch in the country you will get back to them… assure then it is just a matter of time, before it goes international…

If your looking to get connected with WakeUpNow, please feel free to get connect with myself or my team — Click here

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Wake Up Now Canada- Toronto Event!

Wake Up Now Canada- Toronto Event!

Wake Up Now Canada- Toronto Event!!

We are doing it again fokes.. if you missed the last event.. Make sure you get out to this one!!

Our primary focus is helping Canadians save, manage and make money from home.

If an extra $600+ a month could help you out… you should really be at this event!

Wake Up Now is a ground floor opportunity in Canada, with ONLY under a few hundred reps at this time!

Earn cash back on your every day shopping (Best Buy, Walmart, groceries, etc), SAVE up to 80% on vacations, FREE items added to the “hub” every single day, Taxbot software, learn a a new language, hundreds of coupons and much more!

Soon to be added – save 22% on your cell phone bill, identity theft software and magazine subscriptions!

One of the best parts, earn an income, simply by telling others about how you’re saving! Contact me directly for compensation plan …. We are The Digital Entrepreneurs

**This event will take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

November 23, 2013, @7 pm
7601 Sheppard Ave East, Toronto, Ontario
Morningstar Christian Fellowship

***Guests are always FREE***

wakeupnowevents@gmail.com for more information!

BBM pin 74B6BE79

I look forward to seeing you all there….

WakeUpNow Canada Testimonials

If your sitting on the fence still about joining WakeUpNow please take a look at this video, again another testimonial for those who think that its not worth their time. Take a look at the video, my teammate, and watch to see what hes saying

Or this one on how she made $600 in residual income in less than 45 days..

Rest asure that these people are real and not actors, because I know them personally, chat with them every day.

WakeUpNow CanadaHere is a bit more about WakeUpNow in Canada as an Independant Business Owner

Wake Up Now Canada (WUN) Notes via Jordan Harris (VP product development)

In our Marketplace

  • Over 3,000 stores available through the online HUB
  • More stores available to Canadian customers than any other country (this is as a result of Canadian specific stores only available to Canada and that most US stores ship to Canada)
  • Earn cash back on ALL online purchases made through the HUB
  • Tracking number provided immediately for cash back tracking purposes
  • Cash back even applies to Sale items

Vacation Club

  • Rental cars save 10-15% OFF rentals
  • Hotel savings worldwide up to 20% OFF
  • Vacation Club concierge available 24 hours a day to work for you (finding hotels, condos, cruises, rentals, etc)
  • Gives you access to “agent only” pricing
  • Every Thursday the site is updated with new “Hot Weeks” specials
  • Saving upwards of 90% OFF


  • iPhone and Android Applications available
  • Settings enable you to switch to Canadian applicable deductions
  • Settings enable you to change currency, mileage/kilometers
  • Mileage can be tracked through cell phone GPS
  • Receipts and be photographed and uploaded immediately to Taxbot softwarewww.alpinkerton.wakeupnow.com


  • Create budgets in only a few steps
  • Track savings by the minute – via HUB purchases, coupons, deductions, etc.
  • Create budgets based on expenses coming in
  • Debt priority program – enabling you to prioritize and get out of debt faster


Protection Package

  • Included in Platinum package, “cyberhood watch” protecting you from viruses, etc.

Printable-Coupons with WakeUpNow CanadaCoupons

  • Grocery coupons (over 26 pages worth at glance today)
  • Premium coupons – Restaurants, attractions, etc.
  • All coupons are then tracked through your savings/finance program

Language Software

  • Learn a new language with online software (videos available in back office with more detailed information)

Things NOT available in Canada

  1. Cell phone savings
  2. Magazine subscriptions
  3. Identity theft (computer programs)
  4. 50% of the FREE section will not ship to Canada (rough estimate)
  5. Fundraising

This does not mean forever! With the new 3.0, we anticipate more growth in Canada!

Timing is everything!

My question to you is Do you not want to start saving, managing and making money? If you anwered YES to any of them you need to get connected to me quickly.. as stated above Timing is everything!!! Click here to take a peek at what WakeUpNow can offer you

Since the launch of the NEW HUB 3.0 our Canadian team has grown by leaps and bounds, so don’t let others getting in your way to joining our sucess….**To sign up Click Here**

If you still have questions please email me at amandalpinkerton@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Preferred Customer with Wake Up Now

You can join for free today

Wake Up Now Review Presentation: New 10-2013

Time for you to make the changeWake Up Now Review Presentation: New 10-2013 – What Is Wake Up Now Biz – 6 Months To 6 Figures with Get Money Team.

Check out:http://bit.ly/14d94Vt

Jah Kafele, Get Money Team of Wake Up Now leaders shares his personal presentation that explains the wake up now business opportunity. What is is and how it works.

People are creating amazing monthly residual income like no other opportunity. Along with saving on

TakeActionthings the are going to buy anyway. The great thing about the Wake Up Now is people save $100s to $1000s just by using the products/services before even sharing with others to increase their monthly residual cashflow.

If you would like to start off in this business I urge you to get started ASAP– Timing is everything, our team is growning in numbers each and every day… So to get your self in a great postion stop thinking and start doing..its a $100 dollar investment that could turn into $600 plus month, not to mention all the bonus you can get

*********Click here to get started*******


How To Upgrade From A Customer To IBO In WakeUpN

So you have customers that are deciding that they too want to earn money with you and join your team.. Yes there have been some complications with this please be assured that it will be worked out very shortly. I am sure they are working on fixing the remainder of the bugs in they system. But if you find its working great here is the video on how to upgrade to an IBO with Wake up now.

If you have yet to get signed up to start getting these amazing deals here is the link to get you started —Click here

shop with wake up nowpreferred customer so that you can start saving money on products, items you buy any ways…(your over spending)

In this day in age you need to shop for the best deals, and now its all in one place.. so take full advantage of the fact that Wake up Now is offering you the chance to sign up for free and use the HUB to do all your daily shopping, plus have access to FREBBIES.

If you need to clear up any questions you may have please feel free to email me at amandalpinkerton@gmail.com or find me on Facebook

Being a Stay at Home Mom, and making an income at the same time with a Home Based Business! (yes it can be done, I am proof)

stay at home mom

stay at home motherI became a stay at home mother almost 3 years ago, I choose not to return to work full time, because

#1 the cost of day care surpassed my income for the 3 kids,

#2my job was cut while I was on maturnity leave (which ment my day job returned to working 6 week rotating shifts..YUCK)

#3 I just wanted to be at home with my children.

The first year I received my maturnity pay via EI, following the year I decided I would start exploring the idea of finding a work from home job. I spent month searching the internet for legitamit jobs… which I had a really hard time finding one that was not just selling jewlery, stuffing envelops.. I found one that was a blogging platform called EN, I did it for over a year, but felt that the money I was making was far to minimal for the time I was spending doing the blogs… and yes I did make money from it.. No thousands of dollars but enought to have extra money for our family.

Seacret DirectAfter a year of that I ventured off with a skin care company called Seacret Direct, becaus,e I love the products… and since it made sense to sign up (a one time fee) to become what they call and AGENT. I DID it. The offer a range of products for health and beauty products that is crazy.. the products are all made from minerals from the dead sea.. so no chemicals are entering your skin.. which is very important.

They stand behind the products and have since they started.. of course if they did not they would not have the reputation they have today if they did not. The offer 3 different pricing packages, agent prices, preferred customer prices and retail prices. SO not only do i get the perks from being and agent.. I get discounted prices on all the product I LOVE, and I also can promote it to other, being and agent. With it only being a one time fee it made sense to do this for me… and maybe you too 🙂

Wake Up NowAlso a few months ago I started with a company called WakeUpNow.

They offer some amazing deals, such as cash back for online shopping (which are also discounted)

they have thousands of stores that are partnered that offer cash back deals. We also have local deals (deals for your area only). Travel Discounts with our Vacaton club

Hundreds of coupons (you can never have enought coupons) LOL.

This company offers 22% discounts on cell phone bills (US residents) only at this time.

. I have so much to say about this company but Its better if you take a look at it for your self —CHECK IT OUT

The benifit to this company is that you can now sign up as a preferred customer (for free) to see some of the items that they offer and if you choose you then can opt into make it your own business…

So to answer your question DO I MAKE MONEY.. its simple YES I do.. now its not the same as a full time pay.. but it definatly helps support the family.. can both Seacret Direct and Wake Up Now amount to a full time job income.. they answer is YES it can.. and for me the goal is to be able to use both incomes so that I can continue to stay at home and be with my family and most importantly with my children.

Hope this answers some of your questions about being a mom working from home, and that there are opportunities.. Real opportunities out there for you to make either a part time income or a full time income (just depends on you)

I look forward to any questions or comments you all have. Of course I hope that you decide to join one of the companies I am with and start working together as a power team to create MOMMY POWER and earn some extra income. 🙂

Please feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or my email amandalpinkerton@gmail.com