The wirl wind life of a stay at home mom

A day in the life of a stay at home mom…

Yes 4 years ago after the birth of my son, I decided that it was going to be next impossible for me to continue to work (rotating shift work at that) with 3 young boys… so I finished up my mat leave pay.. and decided that I was not going to go work for some one else! After sitting down and figuring out what day care costs were going to be vs my income.. well yah know what I would have just been working to pay day care and a car payment… not to mind all the other necessities of life…

So it took me a bit to find out that not only could I work from home, but that I could make some extra month while enjoy the my children! I enjoy being able to watch the boys grow up.. spend summers, and all school breaks with them.. but yes do not get me wrong I do take my much needed time away from them… Some adult talk is always needed. Now mind you the businesses I run from home give me plenty of over the phone conversations.. but having a dinner with friends is always a good thing..

So what do my days look like… CRAZYNESS.. but MY CRAZYNESS… I would not change it for the world.. and while I am not against going back to work full time, I am enjoying each and every moment spent with my children..

So our day starts between 7-8 am each and every day.. we hustly to get ready for school, have our breakfasts and get out the door…

While the 2 older ones are at school, the little one and I do some house work, then run off to swimming lessons/playgroups..come home have lunch..

While he naps for about 2 hours each afternoon, I get to my work, returning emails, and when I am lucky enought I am able to pre cook dinner while on the phone with a client…

After naps are finished.. we typically spend some time getting readay for the busy night ahead.. as we have soccer, and sports after school..

The 2 older boys are picked up from school we rush home to get homework done… and yes I tell everyone that between 4-7 is crazy time at our house.. do not call me because between breaking up squables, getting home work done, running to sports, baths and bed.. my time needs to be spend with the boys…

After 7 pm its more quite for the time being. as the boys have quiet time from 7:00- 7:30 pm and then its BEDTIME. although my day does not stop there, because then I get to return some more emails, and make my calls to those who are able to take calls in the early evening..oh all the while making lunches, getting clothes ready for the next day, cleaning up toys, and what ever else needs to be done..

Although it seems my days are too short.. and it does feel like I work harder at being a stay at home mom, that I ever did working a full time job.. at the end of the day.. I enjoy looking in at those faces.. and giving them one last snuggle before I take myself off to bed and get recharged to do it all over again the next day.

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Today while I was on a walk I figured since it was so beautiful and my son was exploring the neighbourhood peacefully.. which does not happen very offten I would do a video.

I am not sure who follows me and what exactly they do for jobs, fun, etc but I figuredd I wanted to get to know my followers a bit better, which is why I did the video.

I want to know what all of you do, job wise, children wise.. etc..

Most of you know that I am a stay at home mother, who works online with a company that provides you and amazing opportunity to SAVE, MANAGE AND MAKE MONEY… yes all 3 of those things. Here is the link if you have not already check it out (work from home opportunity) if you would like to watch a short 3 minute video on it click here.

Any ways some of my questions were what do you do at home with your children? what ages are they? are any o in school? etc..

So I look forward to any or all comments you have on the video and I look forward to connecting with other parents.

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stay at home momsSo you want to stay at home… be a stay at home mom? What does that mean to you?

to stay at home with your children?

BUT…. you want to know how are you going to be able to help support your family?

Well like me I decided over 2 years ago that my focus was going to change… instead of focusing all my time and energy onto other peoples children.. I decided that it was time for me to focus on my 3 children.. Because I felt like I was missing out on the best years of their lives, although we had great day cares for the older boys.. It just wasn’t enought for me… I decided after my last son, that it was time for a family change!

So I did not……..

stay at home mother

return to work full time after my maturnity leave over 2 years ago (ps.. don’t get me wrong I still work part time with my company) but my main focus is staying at home…

Over the past 2 years I have dabbled in parents groups… city run toddler groups, recreational sports… ah you get the

But I also checked out some work from home jobs.. I opened a few doors and saw a hole new life beond what I had thought it was… I was very interesting… things can get lonely when its just you and the kiddo’s.

Blogging and meeting new people online for business or pleasure has turned out to be a great outlet. I have some amazing relationships with other that I have never met.. thinking back 5 years ago.. I would have never thought about meeting other moms, dads etc online and talking with them. But with this day in age.. times are sure changing… its been a great adventure and surley a rewarding one for me..
Not only do i get to spend time at home with the kids, as i say hanging with the Kiddo’s but its been a hug difference in my

40 hour work week

eyes. I feel like i am more actively involved and have learned just how quarky my children can be.. something I did not know that they had in them.. and yes I do see myself in them at times.. (shaking my head)

Oh dont get me wrong its not all peachy.. there are times when I feel like pulling out my hair.. you know when it rains it and there is always a calm before the storm..and yes I get questions about WHAT I DO ALL DAY….. some truely beleive that you do nothing all day.. well let me tell you…

if your used to working a 40 hour week that is nothing compaired to the amount of time I work… its 24 hours a day 365 days a year… I a cook, housekeeper, tear catcher, hug specialist…. bed maker…diaper changer.. toilet trainer.. docter… and so on.. so my job never ends… but at the end of the day I LOVE being at home with my 3 boys.. who are my world.. my why.. my life.. and when times get tough and they DO… are my STRENGTH

should i quite my day job to be a stay at home momSo if your thinking about giving up your day job to stay at home with the kids figure out if you really can afford it, and its something you really want!

… How can you supliment the income if you need it and how much time a day do you have to work a part time job..

can you work from home.. do you have a computer, internet… etc.. those are all things you need to think about..

One more important thing…. make sure that you do not give up your social life…. completely.. yes there will be no small talk on break.. or standing around the photocopy machine. Having YOU  time is very important…

And if your answer is still YES then do it.. whats the worst that can happen…you will love it or hate it!! Simple

Please feel free to share your stories below..

Thinking about being a Stay at Home Mom?